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Youth Immigration
Youth Immigration Help

Using bootstrap and minimalist JavaScript, we made a tool for youth immigrants to access help for dealing with ICE agents and knowing their rights. Used such a simple tech stack because we wanted the tool to work for everyone.

21,000+ Users as of April 2019

I was once bored and wasting too much time on Reddit, so I decided to build a Google Chrome extension that essentially blocks any time-wasting URLs, and then forgot about it. Weeks later, I realized I had 1000s of users! Learned a lot about responding to lots of happy (and angry) user feature requests!

WalkSafe App

One of my friends called me once from a bus saying that they felt unsafe and wanted to make sure someone was on the phone, so I built a React-based webapp that essentially is a panic button of sorts that will call a number. It currently stores your Geolocation too, and future updates will allow you to send your coordinates to your chosen number immediately!

Compliment Santa
Compliment Santa


We made a website to promote gratefulness and positive thinking among college students -- a website that allows one to compliment all of their friends. This was 330, so this was only front-end UI design, but as I'm learning more backend (like Flask) I'm planning on making this live!

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